Keiko Agena is best known for the TV show, GILMORE GIRLS, where she played LANE KIM for seven seasons. As a guest star she has appeared on such shows as SHAMELESS, SCANDAL, TWISTED, HOUSE, ER and WITHOUT A TRACE, and got to work with Frances McDormand on the film TRANSFORMERS DARK OF THE MOON.  Besides iO she has also trained with Dave Razowsky, at the Groundlings and UCB and her band FLYING PLATFORMS has a monthly residency (first Fridays) at the Grandstar Jazz Club in downtown LA. Plus (believe it or not) Keiko was once featured in PEOPLE MAGAZINE’S 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ISSUE, in the “they play meek and geeky, but off screen they shine” section, with America Ferrera, Jenna Fischer and Mary Lynn Rajskub!

Agena currently performs on the iO improv teams: HAM RADIO, RJP (Renegade Justice Patrol) and the UCB team WILD CAUGHT.






My “25 Random Things” list from my Facebook Notes Page (early 2009).

Yes.. I know this was a long time ago… no. I’m not going to update it. I feel that it ages well… like cheese.

1. I didn’t have a true “girlfriend” until I was 26.
2. As a child, ½ of my meals were fast food. McDonalds and Pizza Hut primarily.
3. For six months I wrote exclusively with my left hand. (I’m right handed).
4. I’ve read the NIV study Bible cover to cover.
5. I was voted “Miss Photogenic” in a teen age beauty pageant in Hawaii.
6. At separate times I’ve eaten an Equal packet, cubes of white sugar, cubes of brown sugar, and a Splenda packet, just for the taste of something sweet.
7. I wrote a song called, “Lying, Cheating, Fake Rat Bastard”
8. I’ve played D&D twice in my life.
9. I give some of the voices in my head names.
10. I actually like folding laundry.
11. There’s a professional massage table in my bedroom.
12. I sometimes have anxiety attacks when I am faced with too many choices like at Bed Bath and Beyond, or Staples.
13. I’ve never burned a music CD.
14. I love Monk.
15. I’ve been completely bald before. Shaved my eyebrows too.
16. I once brought instant mashed potatoes to a Thanksgiving dinner.
17. I like to be in bed by 11:30pm.
18. I got engaged after one month of dating.
19. When I went sky diving, I didn’t open my eyes until I was five feet off the ground.
20. At the beach, I like to dig a hole in the sand deep enough so that there’s water in the bottom.
21. I’ve slept in a church entryway and a stadium parking lot.
22. I once threw away half a red velvet cake because I was afraid I would eat it all.
23. I’m afraid of dying, dying by brutal murder, being abused in an old folk’s home, and my family members being kidnapped and held for ransom.
24. Billy Joel is my inspiration of choice at the Karaoke bar.
25. I’ve forgotten what milk tastes like.

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